Thursday, February 2, 2012

Starting Over...

I feel like it’s been ages since I last ventured out to rummage for lost treasure on people’s lawns. Last year was my first devoted to yard-saling, and I’ll be the first to admit I may have spent too much time and money searching for lost items from my childhood. Such is the excitement of trying something new (and really enjoying it) that motivates you to extremes. In the end, many of the things I bought held little personal significance to me, and they quickly became fodder for Ebay. I did come across some real gems, which I now display with pride in my since renovated closet.  My only regret through it all is that I did not keep up with my posts.   It's disappointing when you find your material desire far outweighs your ambition, but I think that's a lesson everyone learns at some point.  As the tedium of research and editing proved too much, I started to stray from my blog's original purpose.  With each successive haul,the junk pile got bigger and bigger; the prospect of writing posts for all of it was overwhelming, and blogging became a casualty. 

That said, I find myself thinking about it all again.  Although it will be months before I can go yard-saling again, there has been no lull in my quest for pop culture memorabilia and Americana.  I regularly scour Ebay and Craigslist looking for deals, and although my closet is organized, the surrounding floor space is neatly piled with bric-a-brac that begs to be investigated and talked about.

With that in mind, I'd like to give this blogging thing another try.  While I can't guarantee my posts will be as researched or thorough, I'd like to ensure their frequency so you have something new to read each week. Therefore, my posts will come from my five main areas of interest: technology, video games, movies & television, sports memorabilia and 80's pop culture.  My hope is you'll find it all as interesting as I do.

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