Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where's the Daddy Market??

The absence of a post in the last two weeks or so would suggest I took a break from yard sales.  On the contrary, the warmer weather has translated into a noticeable uptick in yard sale opportunities.  In total, I visited roughly two dozen sales, ranging in size from small, single family garage sales to large community rummage sales and church flea markets.  Unfortunately, the pickings have been slim, and the hauls have been small.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, considering the locations were dispersed and income levels were variable.  Where were the toys, movies, collectibles and games of my youth?  A few movie magazines here, a Nintendo GameCube there; not exactly treasures to write home about.
Awesome? No.  Crap?  Yes.
Overwhelmed by the sheer number of baby clothes and toys that seem to be everywhere, my wife was quick to provide an explanation.  Unlike me, she’s more familiar with the ebb and flow of the yard sale season.  It turns out this is the time when young parents look to clear out closets full of clothes their children have outgrown.  Apparently, babies grow a lot between 12-24 months, and there’s only so much room in a toddler’s closet.  The warmer weather also means the tiny winter coats and booties have to go; there’s little chance of them fitting six months from now when the colder weather returns.
While my wife considers this a blessing (more opportunities to buy clothes for our niece), I must admit I’m less than enthused. I understand the novelty and popularity of the Mommy Market concept, but I have to ask: where’s the Daddy Market?  If I spend another Saturday driving around the neighborhood only to find boppy pillows and swimmies, I think I’m gonna lose it.

I’m reminded of the Obi-Wan – Yoda exchange in The Empire Strikes Back:
Yoda: “The boy has no patience.”
Obi-Wan: “He will learn patience.”
Yoda: “Much anger in him…”


  1. This had me giggling out loud. I (as a Mommy market person and a Mom) still get sick of all the baby stuff. Although, you two do find some amazing deals!!

  2. Oh phoey...:P Soon enough there will be action figures, video games, and old computer systems. In the meantime, at least your wife is happy. :)